the wake up thinner programHi and welcome to The Wake Up Thinner Affiliate Area.

Our product is brand new, however I already tested different traffic sources.

So far the best conversions were after women have read my new ebook. You can get your copy and send it to your list, insert your affiliate link and get almost 5% conversions.

Who is The Wake Up Thinner For

Our program was especially created for all the women who want to lose weight and struggle because of cravings, overeating or binge eating, even those who don’t like to exercise. It turns out that over 80 % of the overweight women from USA and Canada have this problem. Since over 65% of the women from USA are overweight, our target market is over 100 mil women, so there’s lots of women to help with this product.

You will have very low refunds as the ebooks are really good and all women who buy will see results in the first days.

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Commissions you get promoting The Wake Up Thinner Program

We pay 75 % on each sale you make through your affiliate link.

Soon I will add and upsell product for which you will get 75 % as well.

How to promote The Wake Up Thinner Program

You can either send traffic directly to the sales page or send them an ebook that presells them. The 2nd option turns out to be the best as so far in converts at 5%.

1. Direct email to your list. Bellow’s the email that worked the best with my list of over 20.000 women. I had over 20 % open rate and close to 4 % CTR.

I changed it a little bit to work for your list.

Subject Line: How to Become A Naturally Thin Woman in 30 Days


Hey. How are you ?

Today I have something special for you…You’ll learn How to become a naturally thin woman in 30 days. (insert your affiliate link here)

A few months ago, while I was at a seminar in Boston I met an amazing woman. Her name was Heather Jameson.

Her story is really inspiring and you’ll love it, so I’ll share it with you.

Heather is in her late thirties, a mother of 2, and for the past 3 years she dedicated her life to helping women increase their confidence and become sexier.

A few years before that, she found herself almost 90 pounds overweight, with big problems in her marriage and with a very low self-esteem. But she’s the kind of woman who does not settle for a mediocre life, so after many failures she managed to stop overeating, created a daily routine and she lost all the extra weight in less than a year.

After that, she started researching everything about weight loss for women, she went to many seminars and nutrition courses, and she truly became a weight loss expert.

Then she started a blog and made lots of YouTube videos in which she shared her weight loss tips, and she has already helped over 20.000 women worldwide lose weight, become healthier and sexier and boost their confidence.

She realized that the major obstacle that stops women from losing weight is overeating, cravings, and binge eating, So after 1 year of intense research and after interviewing over 100 naturally thin women, she finally created a 30 days system that can help any woman transform herself into a naturally thin woman.

So she created a great video in which she explains why you have cravings and why you simply can’t stop overeating or eating even when you are not hungry,

So, go ahead and watch her video in the link below!

==> How to become a naturally thin woman in 30 days  (insert your affiliate link).

Have a great day!

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2. The best option to make sales with The WAKE Up Thinner Program is to presell people through my ebook.

how_to_lose_15So far, I have a 5% conversion rate if people have read my ebook first before going to my sales page.

You can either send am email to your list about the ebook or have a banner on your site. 

Click here to download your PDF ebook. Make sure you use a rebranding tool to insert your affiliate ID or email me at and I will do it for you 🙂

Here’s an email swipe that I recommend.

Subject: The #1 reason women struggle when it comes to weight loss

Body: Hey.

How are you? Today I have something great for you 🙂 An ebook that will change everything for you and you will finally be able to lose weight easily.

Recent research has shown that the #1 reason women struggle in losing weight is their constant cravings and overeating.  It turns out that over 60% of women consume on average around 400 calories per day more that what they should in order to lose weight or at least maintain their current weight.

A few weeks ago, while I was at a seminar in Boston, I met Heather Jameson, a weight loss expert who has invested the last 5 years of her life into helping women lose weight and become sexy, and for the last year she has focused on helping them control their craving so that they never overeat or binge again.

Her last ebook is all about this topic and Heather has agreed to allow me to share it with my subscribers for FREE.  Her ebook will also give you the blueprint to follow to lose 15 pounds in a month.

Click the link below to open it as a PDF file and be sure to read it all the way to the end!

==> How to lose 15 Pounds in 30 days, and How to control cravings and Stop overeating forever

PS: She also shares 2 techniques to help you stop the strongest cravings, so be sure to read her ebook in the link below!

==> How to lose 15 Pounds in 30 days, and How to control cravings and Stop overeating forever  (insert your ebook).


Wake Up Thinner Banners

You can either send your banner clickers to the sales page or to the free ebook. Simply Right Click and SAVE AS to save the banner to your PC.

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If you need more help just write me at Please use this subject line: Promoting Wake Up Thinner, cause I get so many emails and I would like to respond as fast as possible.

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