Junk foods will definitely sabotage your weight loss efforts. You can’t be trying hard on how to lose 30 pounds fast and then your plate is choked up with fries, burger, and shakes by the side. We crave for unhealthy food because our brains have been wired to and it has become a habit to eat junks every other day. Try our healthy ways of how to lose weight in a month and ways to cut out junk foods completely

  • Know your trigger foods

The first way to find a solution to a problem is to what the problem is. To embrace ways on how to lose 30pounds in 30 days is to know those foods that send shivers done your spine and make you go on a junk food fiesta. If you know these foods, then you’ve half won the battle on how to lose weight fast.




  • Make healthy foods handy

Since eating frequently comes easily to those trying hard in finding ways on how to lose 30pounds in 30days. Storing healthy foods around should be your new habit. Fruits and healthy nuts should be found in your refrigerator, kitchen shelves. When your home is emptied of bad food choices, you are left with no choice to eat up every single healthy food available.


  • Make health food your treats

Whenever the sugar craving comes around, healthy foods such as red grapes, apples in the freezer will serve as a quench to your cravings and also these foods could serve best for deserts.


  • Write up a food plan

To surpass your diet plan with health food and cut out junk foods completely, write up a meal plan on what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These meals should be void of junk foods and be realistic in the decisions you’re making on how to lose weight in a month.


  • Prepare healthy snacks

Having healthy snacks prepared by you and on time and available when hunger sets in, will help you cut down on junk food. Lean protein, high fire vegetables, and nuts should be stocked in your bags, and work drawers any time you feel you have to put something in your mouth before the main course. Eat healthy snacks